About Us

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” — Socrates

Executive Summary

Menrva Lab is a company which engaged in research assistance services and creative studio in Bandung city. First founded by two founders, they are Kharisma Prima and Ping Setiadi. We collaborate two kinds of discipline inside the company with acculturation between two different cultures, both analytical and creativity, as our objective.

Working with Menrva Foundation as our partners, Menrva Lab consistently maintain our quality as analysts and artists, where every staff who will work in the company is required to have been selected by strict criteria and have passed certain education with one year of minimum qualification mechanisms.

With a long experience and support of our competence, we have been serving and assisting many researches, statistical data analyses, illustrations, and artworks from various institutions and universities, from both inside and outside Bandung city, or even from foreign countries.

Vision and Strategy

Vision: Becoming a leading research and creative institute in Indonesia with a high commitment of research and creative institute integrity as an appliance of supporting education for people of the nation, especially in the field of analytical and creativity.

Strategy: Providing professional services in the field of research assistance and creative product which capable to support adequate knowledge of the theory and its application to our clients, and be able to adapt the changes and progress in recent science, knowledge and technology.

Legality and Ethical Code

A code of ethics is a set of statements about appropriate and expected behaviour of members of a professional group and, as such, reflects its values.

Operating with integrity every day is the Menrva Lab way. Menrva Lab’s commitment to doing business ethically and legally is the foundation for the company’s culture, which is shaped by our six core values – Client Value Creation, One Global Network, Respect for the Individual, Best People, Integrity and Stewardship.

This commitment is further manifested in Menrva Lab’s Ethics & Compliance program, which is authorized by Menrva Lab’s Board and managed by our General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer.

Menrva Lab’s Ethics & Compliance program is designed to (i) foster the highest ethical standards and a commitment to compliance with the law and policy, (ii) prevent, detect, report and address any allegation of misconduct, and (iii) comply with applicable laws and standards.

Menrva Lab has adopted a framework designed to achieve these objectives, which includes (i) visible support of our senior leadership, (ii) regular and periodic risk assessments, (iii) written standards and controls, (iv) ongoing training and communications, and (v) auditing, monitoring, and response procedures.

The program extends to cover not just Menrva Lab’s employees, but also those who work on Menrva Lab’s behalf as partners and other third parties which has adopted standards that supplement Menrva Lab’s standards.

With this paradigm, Menrva Lab is expected to maintain the sustainability of the company without discarding the need of independence of science and knowledge.