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“A theory that explains everything, explains nothing.” — Karl Popper

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Research assistance division of Menrva Lab aims to be the choice of consultancy provider for organizations, companies or individuals whom involved in research. Our consultancy services is around research design, data analysis, testing and tutoring services on all statistical aspects of research projects for students and businesses, i.e. Econometrics, biostatistics, psychometrics, chemometrics, business statistics, technometrics, social statistics, actuarial science, and statistical physics.

We exacting standards by carefully listening to our clients to understand their goals, questions and challenges. By using philosophical analogies and using simple examples that exist in everyday life, we make statistics fun and easy to understand.

Core level of supporting service can be customized according to the needs, where the range of associated services such as:

a. Advise on option and choice of using statistical method based on research design and framework that is currently being used;
b. Estimating number of samples and assisting the use of sampling method according to characteristics of the population being studied;
c. Assisting in design of questionnaire construction, measurement technique, validity and reliability of instrument, and data selection;
d. Data analysis and processing, i.e. testing assumptions, estimating parameters, test of significance, testing the fit of the model, etc.;
e. Interpreting and represent the results of statistical data processing, conclusion making, and also provide recommendations if necessary;
f. Tutoring and consulting services relating to the use of statistical software or manual estimations in step by step;
g. Guarantee and revision services with certain terms and conditions.

Experience, competence and patience is our main characteristics in providing consulting services. Enjoy wonderful experience to consult with us. For more information, please contact our customer representative on +62 22 2052 7624 (Voice), +62 82 11 888 0011 (SMS/LINE/WhatsApp), 7EDAAFC8 (BBM) or mail to

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