Klab Foolosophy

The group of ordinary people who gather to share and discuss everything in philosophical way. Philosophy consists of the contemplative investigation of the most fundamental aspects of existence, life, knowledge, and value. Philosophy concerns itself with how to live one’s life (ethics), what one knows, can know, and how one knows it (epistemology), and what can be said to exist (metaphysics).

The word philosophy comes from the Greek word philos, meaning love/affinity/friendship, and the Greek word sophia, meaning wisdom. So a philosopher is literally a lover of wisdom. Therefore, this club has a motto: “Everyone is a philosopher”.

Meetings were held every two weeks on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm, free and open for public. Announcement of the event and topic can be followed on their facebook group: Klab Foolosophy & Klab Baca Minggu Sore

• January 20, 2015

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