Vexel Art

Vexel is a digital art that is an entirely pixel-based form of raster art that imitates the visual appearance of vector graphics technique (i.e. sharp-edged lines and areas of flat colour or smooth gradient fills). The word itself is a portmanteau derived from a combination of “vector” and “pixel”.

To order, please send your picture in high resolution to
Design Fee: IDR 350.000,-
Payment Method: Cash or click here for payment via wire transfer.
Work in Process: 7 days after completing the payment.


Vexel1   Vexel2   Vexel3   Vexel4   Vexel5   Vexel6   Vexel7   Vexel8   Vexel9   Vexel10   Vexel11   Vexel12   Vexel13   Vexel14   Vexel15   Vexel16   Vexel17   Vexel18   Vexel19   Vexel20   Vexel21   Vexel22   Vexel23

• December 30, 2014

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